The Leishman's! {Billings, MT Wedding Photographer}

Molly and Austin are high school sweethearts-a story doesn't start any sweeter than that! She wrote letters him for 2 years while he was serving his church in Peru, all while attending nursing school. When he returned from his mission, they picked up right where they left off-and now they are married! Their day was so peaceful, we took photos all along the way, first at the Billings, Montana, Latter-day Saint Temple. I loved seeing their sweet whispers and knowing that he was going to treat her like an angel for the rest of their lives. They laughed and cuddled all day, and in my opinion, the day went off without a hitch! They had a beautiful luncheon with their families, followed by a reception at the home where Molly grew up. The line was long all night, people just waiting to see the happy couple! They chatted and hugged all who came to celebrate with them. In the knick of time, the couple cut their cake and danced....3 songs...and then a storm rolled in. Not just any storm, a GIANT wind, rain, crazy storm! The party was definitely cut short, but as the couple ran out to their car through the rain, they had the biggest smiles on their faces! Off to the honeymoon! Congrats, you two!

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