The Grimes

My dear friend Kelsey and her family shared a beautiful evening with me on this running trail. She is an avid runner, and I LOVE capturing families in their element. This is definitely hers. Her spot of peace, and now a new favorite place for me to shoot! It was beautiful, and so were they. I can't resist Williams' eyes, or his smile, or his chub…okay I just can't resist him!


It's hard to explain how quickly Holly and I became best friends. Like, we hung out once…and from there on out we were pretty inseparable. We lived just minutes away for an entire year, and it was heaven. Now we live 2 hours away and, to be honest, it's kind of killing me. Her, Sam, and cute King were one of my favorite photoshoots I have ever done. Thank heavens for amazing friends!

The Scott Fam

I love it when I just "click" with a family. This family was just that. Sutton was just smiling and flashing those big blue eyes at me the entire time, his dad was cracking jokes, and his mom was looking beautiful, as always. They were so natural and I loved every minute of my mini session with this family!


Koberlein Fam

Talk about striking a pose! This family of 6 were perfect angels all night. I need these kids' mom to tell me her secret to raising wonderful children! They were amazing-it was a blast-and you can tell!

The Meland Fam

I LOVE GREEN! These pictures were the most beautiful setting-with a beautiful family. Sweet Amelia just turned six months old and was in the "about to tip over all the time" stage. Her little curls just melt me! I had a blast with this little family of 3.


The Parnells

This adorable family lived just a few houses away from us when we lived in Lincoln. I adore them and their awesome kiddos! They were my boys' best friends, we miss them a ton. I love making these kiddos laugh, they have the best giggles in the world!