The Keller's

Life has been crazy lately, I forgot to post this adorable family's photos! I have done a photoshoot of this fam once before, and they were just as much fun this time. They are so full of life, and, well, crazy! It is so fun to run around and snap shots of these kids. They each are such individual people with the best personalities! I sure love them.


The Theurer's

O where to being wiht the Theurer's?! They are some of the most amazing and giving people I know. I am best friends with Ali, and I spend a ton of time with her and her boys. They are just like their parents! So fun to be with, and just balls of energy. I loved chasing them around and doing my best to get great pictures of them. We were so excited to get some good family pictures!


The Holdsworth's

I love this family. They moved in across the street from us, and we couldn't ask for better neighbors and instant friends. Hudson, their son, is one of the cutest boys, ever! He just turned 1 and he is shy when you are first around him, but once he gets used to you he is all smiles. I love his eyes, they are so beautiful. What an adorable little family!



O my energy Emily! I LOVED, I mean LOVED, this shoot! Emily was so much fun. She had both her mom and I chasing after her in the park, and she was giggling and smiling the entire time. He wonderful mom was due to have baby Brody 1 week BEFORE this photoshoot, so he was supposed to be in these pictures. He decided to stay in her tummy just long enough for me to leave town~! I was so bummed that I missed a sibling shoot, but Emily made it worth it anyway. I am sure she is such a great big sister, and will keep that little man on his toes! Thanks for the fun...I look forward to many more shoots, with the whole family!



Cam is 6 months old! I did his newborn session, a family shoot when he was 3 months, and he is already 6 months! I can't believe how time flies. He is such a happy, chubby baby. He was a trooper as his mom and I jumped up and down to try and distract him from the super fun leaves on the ground. It was a beautiful evening, and I think we were able to capture that in these photos, along with his to die for smile!



Jackson. O Jackson I love you! This was BY FAR my quickest, easiest, and cutest newborn photoshoot ever. Jackson was 7 days old at his photoshoot, and he slept like a champ! No matter which way I contorted his chubby little body, he was content. It was so fun to capture his little rolls everywhere, especially his sweet forehead wrinkle! However, I think my favorite thing about him is his lips. They are jjust so perfect. I was soooo happy to get a few shots with mom, too. Isn't she beautiful?!