The Minert Family

I LOVE FALL! Can you believe the leaves in these pictures?! This family was so, so much fun to take pictures of, and good thing they were in good spirits because it was pouring rain the ENTIRE shoot! I couldn't believe our horrible luck. The pictures ended up WAY better than I expected, I could barely choose which ones to post. I think my favorite one is the side profile of Kaisley, she was dressed so, so adorable. Thanks Minerts!

The Bullock Family

We had such a great night, and the weather could not have been more perfect for this adorable family of 4. Evette is only 6 weeks old, and Scarlet is 3, and my does she have a personality! I had such a fun time trying to get her to smile, and she was great. (Evette didn't take any work at all....she napped most of the time!) Thanks, Bullocks, for letting me snap shots of your family!


Carrie and Chris

My best friend got married this weekend! I cannot even believe it! She found the most amazing man, and boy is he lucky to get a girl like her! I was in the wedding so I could only snap shots while we were getting ready and a few at the reception, but I think I got some really amazing ones! It was an amazing and beautiful wedding, every aspect of it was perfect. I am so happy for you Carrie and Chris, you mean the world to me...I hope that you like them!


The Nugent Family

The Nugent Family had the opportunity of being sealed together in the Billings, Montana Temple as a forever family last month. What an amazing experience it was to be able to be a part of their special day! Both of these little guys have the BEST smiles...they don't always have the best smiles at the SAME time however...which give me quite the challenge! It was such an enjoyable challenge though! I loved getting each of them to grin from ear to ear, o what a beautiful family! Thank you for letting me take pictures of you all!


Molly and Hannah

I love, love, LOVE these two girls. They are cousins and best friends, and you can totally tell by the way that they interact. We had such a fun time trying to get some cute shots of each of them. Thanks for such a fun time girlies!

I have done photos of Hannah before, and she is such a great model! I think I got some of my favorite shots of her this time around:

Molly is a dancer! And a great one at that! We had her dress up for some of her pictures and it was so much fun. She has BEAUTIFUL hair and I am so glad that I was able to capture it!

Here are the girls together. How stinking cute, right??


The Mosser Family

I had a ton of fun with this downtown shoot. This is Heather Mosser, who I traded photoshoots with. We had such a great time when she took our pictures, and I hope that she enjoyed this time just as much! I have to admit, I think that her husband, Donovan, was the best male that I have ever done pictures of OR WILL EVER do pictures of! He was constantly smiling his REAL smile, and was upbeat the entire time, (even after Isaac shoved his glasses right into his eye)! I loved watching Isaac run around and show me he adorable personality...he is quite the entertainer!
Thanks for trading Heather, I learned a ton and had a blast!


The Winterholler Family

Well, this was such a fun shoot. This is my husband's brothers family, and they are so so adorable. They each have such different personalities and it was definitely a challenge to catch them at the perfect time. We got some great shots expressing each of them individually and I was so happy about that! Not to mention their AMAZING outfits. They had just enough different colors to make their portraits interesting, yet matched perfectly. This is my new "go to" family picture to explain to my clients what to wear! Thanks guys...it was a blast!
The fam:

Whitney is the oldest and such a tease. She has the best laugh and was constantly trying to show us her "silly smiles"!

Halle was quite the little model...for the first half anyway! She is soooo good at flashing a smile when given the word!

Dane is the toughest of the bunch to get a smile out of, but when you do, it is to DIE for. He is a kick!


HSM Picture of Stott Kids

Here it is! Here are the ADORABLE pictures that ended badly...! Enjoy! (These kids have hops!)