Katie and Millie

Katie. Katie has always been, and will always be, my best friend in the world. She is also my cousin, which makes it even better! I don't even know where to begin with her. She is so amazing. I guess I will just say that she deserves this sweet little Millie more than anyone I know. She will be the most attentive, loving, and fun mommy yet! I can't wait to cuddle with Millie in a few short weeks, and I know that she can't wait either! I love you Kates.


My Wonderful Parents

If anyone deserves a post, it is these two. My wonderful parents. I love so many things about them individually, but most of all, I love them together. Can't you just TELL from the pictures that they are in love? They laugh and joke with one another, and I love it. They are always hugging, holding hands, or getting the occasional smooch in. I love that I have never had to doubt their love for eachother. They are amazing individuals, and amazing together! I love you both beyond explanation. (O, and I love their beautiful ranch where these photos where taken!) The cute "extras" in these photos are my sister and her kiddos...a-dore-a-ble! My parents are wonderful grandparents...you can tell that from the pictures, too:)


The Smith Fam

These are some of my very favorite people on the entire planet! This is my sister Amanda's family, Ian, Megan, and Hunter. These little cuties all had such different reactions to the entire photoshoot ordeal. Ian put up a fit at first, and then was seriously striking intense poses for me that he had thought up! Megan was trying so hard...a little too hard...to look like a princess. Hunter, well Hunter would laugh and smile, then scream and cry. Through all of the emotions, we ended up with more pictures to choose from than we could handle! Amanda was in tears as she saw her little ones caught on camera. It was so fun to play with these kiddos and to stare at them while editing. I love you guys more than you know!