The Petersen Family

You would never know this was a mini-shoot! These kiddos were so great, and we got all the pictures that we needed in less than a half hour. Brady was flashing me smiles right and left...Kale was a little harder to get to, but I was able to catch a glimpse of his cute chubby smile here and there. They are excited to be adding a little girl in the near future...she will be one lucky gal with these two older brothers. What a great family!




Valasek Kiddos

These kids are so fun to be with! I think I chased them around the entire shoot, they have so much energy! Kept me on my toes:) They have the best smiles, and love to play and tease one another. I LOVE the picture of them together, Barrett whispering something in his sister's ear and her laughing hysterically. How fun to have a sibling so close in age...hopefully they are always best friends!