The Mortensen Fam

I have gotten to know this awesome family over the past two years living here in Omaha. The mom of these four boys is one amazing woman that is for sure! We had a great time running around a beautiful lake in downtown Omaha. The leaves were soooo green it made for some awesome pictures. Not to mention the adorable kids I was taking photos of! Each one of them have their own unique personality, and it was great to get to know them a little better. Thanks for the fun time!

I couldn't decide whether or not to put the picture below up. This was one of the pictures that mom requested to be taken of her family. It isn't perfect, but I think that is what I like about it. It was quite the dogpile when I asked them all to lay down and show me their feet...and cute Jude couldn't keep still. I love that he is sitting opposite from the rest of the family!


The Keller's

Holy cow did I have fun at this photo shoot or what?! I am pretty sure that for the majority of the time the kiddos had fun too, so that is great. (I am sure that the bribery of ice cream afterwards helped...) These kids were so so good for me! I have to admit, I was a little nervous because this is the largest family photo shoot I have ever done, and their cute family consists of 5 very energetic boys and a perfect baby girl. She is adored by everyone in the family, she will be well protected! We had a blast roaming around downtown Omaha and having the kids smile, make silly faces, piggy back, race, etc. I ended up with so many pictures I could barely decide which ones to edit! I hope the Keller's enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed the photo shoot!



Jane-O, Jane-O, how obsessed I am with you! Jane is my best friend Teddy's little girl, and I can't get enough of her...and you won't be able to either after you see these pictures. She was such a trooper, it was windy and freezing out and she was giggly and smiling through 3 outfit changes, one of them being into pretty much nothing...just a tutu! Her smile gets me every time. We always joke that she is going to have so many wrinkles on her face because she never stops smiling. I love you Jane!



I love impromptu photoshoot! Mainly because then I don't worry for days or weeks ahead of time about it. I was outside my house and this adorable little girl and her momma were walking by, and I said to my friend, "I would DIE to take just one picture of her!" Well...it turned out that very night my friend was babysitting her...so off we went! We did a few pictures and it was a blast. She is going to be a heart breaker!



Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. You are my new favorite baby. I was telling her that from the minute we plopped her in the first prop. She couldn't have been comfortable and she didn't even flinch! She was such a perfect angel. Pretty much any where I that I wanted to put her, she was content. She didn't like one of my tubs, and wouldn't balance on her hands for us...but other than that she was amazing. What a little model!