The Boyce's

Is that family adorable or what? Seriously, they each have such penetrating eyes, it is insane. These kiddos were such gigglers, it was really fun to have a few minutes with them to capture their personalities. Mom and Dad were so cute with their kids, too. It is so fun for me when the parents do everything they can to get their kiddos laughing and acting natural. I got to do Jax's newborn photos and I can't believe how grown up he is now!


The Edwards Fam

Talk about an awesome family! Seriously every member of this family was delighted to spend the evening with me snapping pictures of them. Each of the kiddos loved the camera, as you can tell by their O-So-Cute smiles. They were totally full of energy and didn't complain once! Mom got quite the workout making the kiddos laugh and love every minute of the pictures. I will shoot photos of this family anytime, it was a blast! Thanks, Edwards!


The Hubbard Family

Talk about a cute family...these kiddos are it. They each have their own individual personality and they let it shine! It took a bit to get them comfortable, but when mom or dad would get them to laugh, it was great! They definitely have amazing smiles for the camera, that is for sure.


The Gray's

What a cute family! To be honest, I was a little nervous that this would be a hard photoshoot because of these kiddos young ages. Boy was I wrong! These kids were perfect angels. They were so calm, would smile when I asked them to, and the even struck a pose on their own here and there! I did the youngest boy's infant photos only three months ago, and I can't believe how much he has grown! It is so fun to follow kids as they grow like weeds. Such a fun night, thanks for sharing your smiles, kids!



Eva came into this world pretty quickly! She got brought into the most amazing home-her parents are outstanding people. I was so happy that Crystal allowed me to snatch Eva just 4 days after she was born for some photos. She is so tiny and perfect! She was awesome the first 30 minutes of our photo shoot, and then just wanted to eat:). I can't wait to watch her grow up these next couple of years! My favorite picture is the one of her yawning about halfway down the post!