Carrie and Chris

My best friend got married this weekend! I cannot even believe it! She found the most amazing man, and boy is he lucky to get a girl like her! I was in the wedding so I could only snap shots while we were getting ready and a few at the reception, but I think I got some really amazing ones! It was an amazing and beautiful wedding, every aspect of it was perfect. I am so happy for you Carrie and Chris, you mean the world to me...I hope that you like them!


The Nugent Family

The Nugent Family had the opportunity of being sealed together in the Billings, Montana Temple as a forever family last month. What an amazing experience it was to be able to be a part of their special day! Both of these little guys have the BEST smiles...they don't always have the best smiles at the SAME time however...which give me quite the challenge! It was such an enjoyable challenge though! I loved getting each of them to grin from ear to ear, o what a beautiful family! Thank you for letting me take pictures of you all!