I had such a hard time choosing which pictures of this adorable niece of mine to post! Look at that hair!!! Addie is the happiest 2 year old that I know; it is a rare occasion to find a frown on her face. Not to mention, she was the most amazing model! I could sit her on an uncomfortable rock, place her hands on her knees, and she wouldn't move an inch! All while giving me the best smiles ever seen! (I must give credit to her mom...the crazy woman jumping all over the place definitely helped!) Love you Addie!!


My new poster child's shots are on their way....I can't wait to show them to you!


The White Family

I took little Landon's pictures when he was only a few days old, and I got to go back and do family pictures at 3 months! He has grown so much and is really starting to get a cute personality. We had a fun time trying to get him to look up at the camera! He had such adorable overalls on, I think that made their family pictures unique! I had so much fun, thanks Whites!


The Smith's

Here we go again! I have 5 shoots this week, so get ready for some updates! This is my amazing sister and her family...I just can't get enough of her kids. They are so stinking adorable! I just love their amazing little smiles, I am so sad to be leaving them in just 2 short weeks. We had fun at Wheeler Farms in the Salt Lake City area, there were lots of places to prop this family up and get great shots!



Little Brooks was one month old for our photo session. I absolutely LOVE his name! I definitely am not his favorite person...he had quite a few screams while we were trying to get pictures of him! (I guess any boy puts up a fight, though, right?!) Overall he was so good, we even got some adorable shots of him looking right at the camera. I had so much fun trying to catch all of his different expressions on film!