We read every day. We have tons and tons of books, thanks to Amanda for shipping us so many! The boys are more excited about books than toys lately, and this one is their favorite (today anyway).
First haircuts!!! Barrett's hair has been so uneven so we trimmed it all up...and Dax's cute alfalfa sprout is officially gone. Sad, but they look so much more "kept" now!



O my gosh. It is beginning. The boys are learning to crawl! They are getting up on their hands and knees constantly. It is so fun to watch them...even through all the tumbles. They aren't even sitting up on their own and they are starting to scoot-crawl. So crazy!



This is where Dax ends up every nursing session. Sweet Barrett still likes to eat for 30 minutes, and Dax tops off at 12. So, I lower him to the ground and let him play. Cody walked in from work and he was under the couch between my legs!

The three boys outside after a fun trip shopping. O these three are my world.