Holy cow...this was insanely hard to choose what pictures to post! I literally wrote down 23 different pictures to post...but let's be honest, that is a lot! The kids were so photogenic, it was a blast to take pictures of them. Even when I told them to tickle eachother they looked right at the camera WHILE tickling! That is talent! The Knudsen's found a wonderful place in Heber, UT to take the pictures, and we had a blast running up and down through the bridge. I hope that you all enjoy looking at the few of MANY wonderful pictures of this amazing family!


Camilla and Lucy

Okay, so it is just Camilla, but Lucy will be here soon! Camilla and I had so much fun with this photoshoot. It was literally a BLIZZARD outside, but we knew it would be worth it, so we hacked it! We were throwing up umbrella's in between shots, sitting on blankets for some shots, and trying to just STAY WARM. Camilla is such a beautiful girl, I was so excited when she asked me to do her maternity pictures. It was different doing pictures of an adult, I kept realizing that I wasn't probably talking as much as a should be, I am used to babies who can't talk back! Thanks for letting me do my first maternity shoot with you Camilla! (P.S. I know that I posted way too many pictures, but it was so hard to choose!)


Coloring examples

When creating a cd of your photographs, I will give you a minimum of 15 of the original, color pictures. I will also convert each of those pictures to either antique, black and white, or sepia tones. 

Here is an antique example:

Here is a black and white example:

Here is a sepia example:


Coming Soon...

Pictures of Sawyer and his siblings are coming soon! Watch for them-they are some beautiful, bright eyed kids!


Announcement Examples

Here are a couple of the announcements that I have made up thus far...I am really enjoying this part of photography! It allows me to get a little more creative on the 'scrapbooking' side of taking pictures! I hope that you like them!



Here they are family! I am so sorry that it took me a couple of days to get these up, I know that you are all so anxious to see this beautiful baby boy. He was 6 1/2 days at our photoshoot, and only peed on us 2 times! I did get some action shots, but I won't post those! He was wide awake and happy the entire shoot, it was so fun to hold his 10 lbs. 8 oz. body at so young an age. Thanks to Landon's parents for letting me come and take some beautiful shots of him!



This was my first newborn photoshoot and I loved every minute of it! Madison was such a doll. I am so thankful that her parents trusted me to come into their home and take her pictures only 1 week after she was born! I have to say, she sure is active! I am afraid that her parents are going to chase her around alot when she is a toddler! As you will notice, she is a kicker! It was so fun to see how strong her muscles are in those tiny little legs...

This is my favorite picture....

She is SINGING, not SCREAMING! (or something like that!)


Poor Dylan, I constantly want to use him as a model! He is such a good one, though! Always giving me new, funny faces that I can turn into adorable pictures. We gave these to his mom for her birthday, and she loved them!
Thanks Dyl!

The Cox Kids

Finally! I am so excited to post these pictures! We took them in early January, but decided to give the pictures to their mom for her birthday, February 1. That is a long time to wait to share these with you! 
The kids were so funny while we were taking the pictures-I honestly think that I shot more "silly" ones than "serious" ones! We had a blast...even though by the end all 3 of them had wet pants up to their knees!