HSM Picture of Stott Kids

Here it is! Here are the ADORABLE pictures that ended badly...! Enjoy! (These kids have hops!)


The Stott Kids

This is my favorite shoot of all time! It was my first urban photoshoot, these kids are beautiful, and I really think this is the style of photography that I enjoy most. I got to do pictures with all of the kids together, as well as with each individual. It was so fun to walk around downtown with them...half of the time they were giggling up a storm! (Usually when I asked them to have a serious face was when they started laughing!) We had a ton of fun...probably too much fun, actually. We did a High School Musical picture, (which I can't get to upload, keep checking back for it...it turned out AWESOME!) and ended up fracturing a bone on Hannah's foot. I can say I will never be doing another attempt at High School Musical jumps...!


Sophie is so much fun! I was constantly throwing her onto different backgrounds and she was so willing. She could switch from her serious face to her smiling face in an instant...and they are both perfect. She had the cutest shirts to wear, and her eyes just pop in the pictures. Thanks, Soph!


O what a stunning boy this is! I had so much fun getting Payton to look tough...and he did a great job at it! He also has the best smile, it just makes my day looking at it. Every once in a while I would just be scoping the area out and turn around, and Payton would be striking a pose. We got some amazing shots of him!


Well, Hannah is a great model. So great a model that she is willing to do ANYTHING for a good picture...ANYTHING. Hannah fractured a bone in her foot during our photoshoot, didn't even cry, and kept on taking pictures! That is one dedicated model. We are continuing her shoot this week after she can walk again, so hopefully I will get a few more good ones to add to these...Thanks Hannah!


Elle was a blast. She is a junior in high school, so hopefully if I come back next summer I can do some Senior pictures for her! She is one of the nicest girls I have ever met, I feel like she is the last to offend anyone. It was a real challenge for her to try to keep a mean face...because she is so naturally nice!


I had to post this picture. Isn't she precious? Her hair was blowing all about, and she had the most serene face. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE this little angel's eyes.


The Bishop Family

Talk about a beautiful blue-eyed family! We had so much fun on this perfect evening last week at Riverfront Park. I could barely force myself to change any of these pictures from color because the green seemed to make every picture pop! Becky and Travis were so good and gave me great smiles the entire shoot, (I only had to threaten Travis once!) and Emilee, so ADORABLE! Right when she got out of her carseat she gave me a huge smile and I knew it was going to be a great shoot. I love her little red sun hat, thank you Bishops for a fun night!