The Valasek Family

Talk about a workout! Try photographing a 16-month old...whew! We had a blast chasing cute Luke around. Every once in a while he would strike a perfect pose, and I would get a shot of his amazing eyes...it made my day! His parents were great, so energetic and worked so hard to get him smiling for me! I love parents like that! I couldn't bear to change any of these pictures to Black and White, the fall leaves are so beautiful.


O what a precious baby! He was an angel...really. He slept through every little thing that we did to him! This first picture was quite the ordeal; we were holding his head up, propping his arms, doing everything we possibly could to make him stay up on his own. He was such a trooper! He face planted a dozen times on the soft pillow and NEVER woke up! If only all newborns were more like him...! (The last pic is his ADORABLE older sister...I just had to get her in here somewhere!)


The Rose Family

I could not decide what pictures to put up of this family! Seriously, could these little guys be ANY cuter? Their eyes are so penetrating, I loved taking photos of them. It is always fun doing pictures of friends, it seems to be a bit more relaxed. The more relaxed the better the pictures, I think. I hope you enjoy looking at this cute family as much as I enjoyed taking and editing their pictures.


Jane's Blessing Dress

How beautiful is this little girl?! And how beautiful is her blessing dress? Her awesome Grandma made, yes MADE this dress for her to be blessed in. I just wanted to share it with all of you! (Not to mention I will use any excuse to put up pictures of sweet Jane!)


The Sorenson Clan

Wow...this was a workout! Really, I don't think I have ran, jumped, or played tag more in any other shoot than I did with this cute family. They were definitely entertained by me, if nothing else. We had a very eventful evening, but ended up getting so AWESOME pictures. Each one of these kiddos has their own perfect personality, and I really enjoyed getting to know them better. (The last picture pretty much explains the evening...) Both Megan and Travis had the best attitudes, they were looking at me and smiling in every picture, no matter what their energetic kiddos were up to!



This was quite the photo shoot...the first picture explains it all! Barret just turned two years old and could not be a cuter little man. Despite the few moments of tears and the few moments of avoiding eye contact with me, this was a great shoot! No really, for a two year old Barret was an awesome model. He seriously gave me some amazing shots! It helps that he is so stinking cute, who wouldn't be able to get a good picture of this kid?!!



Bella was 9 days old at her photo shoot, and I can't believe how well she slept. Honestly, I was super nervous that at 9 days she would be wide awake...but mom did a great job of feeding her at just the right time and she slept like an angel. I had never met this cute family before, and I am sooo glad that I did! They were such perfect brand-new parents. Josh was snapping pictures on his cell phone of his beautiful wife and baby while I was taking a few of the shots! And, they are now my very favorite people because they got me the first picture...it is TO DIE FOR! (I couldn't decide on color or black and white, so it is actually the first two pictures!)


Jane Adele is here, and I can't believe how perfect she is! She came out a chubby 8 lbs. 4 ounces, and that was 2.5 weeks early. She has a totally cute dimple in her right cheek that her mommy can't get enough of! I can't get enough of her either, I am constantly running down to their house to hold and squeeze her...and to see her mom, too! I am so excited to be able to watch sweet Jane grow up.

Below is a three generation picture...with hands. It is so beautiful, Good job Grandma Eileen!