The Minert Family

I LOVE FALL! Can you believe the leaves in these pictures?! This family was so, so much fun to take pictures of, and good thing they were in good spirits because it was pouring rain the ENTIRE shoot! I couldn't believe our horrible luck. The pictures ended up WAY better than I expected, I could barely choose which ones to post. I think my favorite one is the side profile of Kaisley, she was dressed so, so adorable. Thanks Minerts!

The Bullock Family

We had such a great night, and the weather could not have been more perfect for this adorable family of 4. Evette is only 6 weeks old, and Scarlet is 3, and my does she have a personality! I had such a fun time trying to get her to smile, and she was great. (Evette didn't take any work at all....she napped most of the time!) Thanks, Bullocks, for letting me snap shots of your family!