Jackson. O Jackson I love you! This was BY FAR my quickest, easiest, and cutest newborn photoshoot ever. Jackson was 7 days old at his photoshoot, and he slept like a champ! No matter which way I contorted his chubby little body, he was content. It was so fun to capture his little rolls everywhere, especially his sweet forehead wrinkle! However, I think my favorite thing about him is his lips. They are jjust so perfect. I was soooo happy to get a few shots with mom, too. Isn't she beautiful?!


Valasek Kiddos

Seriously? Could these kids be ANY cuter?! Especially once you get to know their personalities, they get even cuter. I have done photos of both Barret and Adelyn before, and they were equally as fun this time. I was so happy to get a few of both of them smiling, their mom and I were working hard for these pictures! I am so glad I get to be such good friends with their mom and watch them grow up. Enjoy starting at their cute faces!

Jane's 1st Birthday!

I can't believe it has been a month since Jane turned 1. Time just flies by! She pretty much makes my day, every day. She has such a huge grin on her face every time I see her, and can always make me smile. Her personality is straight from her momma, always happy and fun loving. I am so happy that Teddy lets me be such a HUGE part of sweet Jane's life. I can't imagine what I am gonna do without her when they move in less than 1 year. Isn't she perfect?!

The Davis Fam

I had such a blast at this photoshoot. Each member of this family has such a huge personality! The kids were so different from one another, yet they got along so well and I loved them both in separate ways. It was so fun to walk around this amazing park with such a great family on a beautiful night. I hope they enjoyed the photoshoot as much as I did!

The Reseter's

What an adorable, fun family this was to take pictures of. Richard was quite entertaining, he definitely livened up the photoshoot! Cute Aydyn joined their family just 7 weeks ago. He is such a cute baby! He has a huge smile, even though it is hard to catch. Not to mention his beautiful eyes! Thanks for letting me take your photos, Reseter's!