Joe and Corrie {Billings, MT Wedding Photographer}

These two! I can't even tell you how much fun I had taking photos of these guys. They were so comfortable getting their pictures taken, laughing and having fun right along with me. I have known Corrie since she was…probably 3? Basically forever! We used our photoshoot time wisely and chatted the entire time! I think Joe even piped in here and there. I LOVE how their pictures turned out, don't you!?



Nicholas, his brothers, and his mom joined me for a senior shoot last week! It was quite the family affair and it made it all the more fun. He was willing to show off his skills for a little bit in the Skyview gym, and I'm so glad that he did. I love to mix it up a little  with my photoshoots!


This kid was soooo fun to take photos of. I really love capturing the senior's and their personalities. Parker was no exception-he actually surprised me with how photogenic he was! It was hard for him to make a straight face for the basketball shots, he just wanted to show me his pearly whites! I loved every minute, Parker!