Meyers 3 Month photos

My happy baby Meyers is 3 months old! Holy cow time flies when three babies are all screaming at you at the same time. Ha. Actually, the boys have accepted Meyers into the family with open arms. They have been really really awesome, Meyers has only got hit with a few toys since he came into the world:) Here is the happiest baby ever...

King Newborn Photos

King is my sweet, save-my-life-every-day friend, Holly's baby. He came into the world just 5 weeks after sweet Meyers, so they are bound to be best buds. He is adorable!

Meyers Newborn Photos

My Sweet baby boy was born in November. I can't beleive I have 3 crazy boys running (or soon to be running) around my house! I am so blessed. He was an angel for newborn pictures, thank heavens. I was just 5 days out from a c-section and it took all of my energy to to do them!